How You Tube Sensation PewDiePie Started Accidentally And Now Earns $4 Million Per Year

YewDiePie’s owner Felix Kjellberg started with a love of playing video games on You Tube.

While at college, his main passion was playing video games. He then dropped out of college, started selling hot dogs but continued with his passion… Continue reading

How The Sony Brand Started From Humble Beginnings and Grew Into a Multi Million Dollar International Corporation

Sony Corporation more commonly known as SONY is one of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers of electronic goods for the professional and consumer markets. It is a multinational conglomerate corporation situated in Kōnan Minato, Tokyo, Japan.


Its comprehensive… Continue reading

How Paddy Matthews Started his Matthews Coach Hire Business By Accident And Built It Into A Huge Success.

Paddy Matthews was a truck driver for years and became overweight and suffered from severe back pain.

He ended up for six months on disability pension.

Matthews coach hire started by accident. He and his wife had six kids to… Continue reading

How Bobbie The Bear From Tasmania Created A Sensation In China And Outsells The Ability To Supply

Bobbie the bear is created by Bridstowe Lavender Estate in Tasmania Australia. The owners decided to make use of the dried lavender by using it as a filler, along with wheat for creating the purple soft toy.

In the beginning… Continue reading

How Rosaria Piseri’s Passion for Seaweed Led Her to Start Her Business AlgAran

Rosaria Piseri discovered that seaweed was used as a natural fertiliser to enhance the size of the grapes, while she worked for a wine making supplies company.

Seaweed, she found was so effective, that Rosaria did more research. Pretty soon,… Continue reading

How Rick Hopper Invented A product To Keep Glasses In Place And Built A Mega Successful Business

Watch the video below about the ReadeRest, which is a small magnetic clip that keeps glasses in place.

Rick Hooper had the same problem as me. He kept removing his glasses and could not find anywhere to keep them temporarily,… Continue reading

How Melissa Coker Started Her Fashion Label ‘Wren’ And You Tube Video ‘First Kiss’

Watch the most watched video on You Tube, ‘First Kiss’ below.

Melissa Coker had an idea for some clothes but it was missing from her wardrobe.

So she designed a few pieces of her own. That’s how her fashion brand… Continue reading

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